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Macro Companies, Inc. is a versatile fuel and transportation service company with specialized equipment capable of hauling a wide range of products and materials throughout the United States.



Founded by Howard O. Roy in Lafayette, LA in 1929 as a provider and local transporter of fuel and lubricants, the company enjoyed modest growth and expansion until the early 1950’s when Roy’s daughter Mildred, married Jack McElligott who became General Manager, and the company name was changed to Macro Oil Company.
macro founders

In 1973, Mildred McElligott became President of Macro Oil Company as her sons joined the business over the next several years. This fueled several eras of growth in product offerings becoming a large distributor of Shell Oil products, a large jet-fueling hauling business, gas station convenience stores, fleet fuel-card franchiser, oilfield service company and nation-wide emergency fuel service company.

In the mid 2000’s the company moved to Broussard, LA, positioning itself along the future interstate corridor to provide better service to our customers and facilitate continued growth. In 2005, the Emergency Fuel Management division was founded which saw the company expand to cover disasters anywhere in the United States or even internationally.

In early 2023, Macro Companies entered a new era when the LEMOINE Company acquired a controlling interest in the company.

This exciting development has led us to join the esteemed LEMOINE Disaster Services group, significantly expanding our product offerings to cater to every phase of disaster recovery. As part of this synergistic partnership, we are poised to deliver even greater value to our valued clientele.

At Macro Companies, we foster a culture of professionalism and excellence. Our team thrives on collaboration and is committed to delivering the utmost quality in all our endeavors. We take pride in the long-term success and tenure of our employees, evidenced by the significant number of team members who have chosen to build their careers with us.

As we continue to evolve, Macro Companies remains dedicated to innovation and the pursuit of novel solutions that meet the evolving needs of our esteemed clientele. We are honored to serve a diverse range of customers and strive to exceed expectations with our exceptional services.


We are proud to say our executive staff includes several employees who have been with Macro for more than 35 years – and our entire team has an enormous amount of combined experience in the industry.

Macro customers benefit from the incredible amount of knowledge and expertise our team offers – helping to solve problems and develop effective solutions to meet the unique needs of customers nationwide. Our executive team members work together closely and wear many hats – drawing upon their experience in everything from transportation services and logistics to petroleum products, petrochemicals, oilfield waste, environmental regulations, and more.


Richard McElligott
President / CEO

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1270

Kim Boutte

             (337) 839-5000 ext: 1212           

Terri Hulin
Director of Finance

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1210

Bill McElligott
Vice President

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1222

Bill McElligott, Jr.
VP Sales/Operations, Transportation

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1079

Cathy Freeman
Senior Accountant

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1120

Pat Frederick
Operations & Facilities Director

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1114

Nicole Palmintier
Human Resources / Payroll

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1214

Stephanie Marine
Customer Coordinator

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1207


Clyde Guilbeau
President, EFM

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1108

Britt Herron
Director of Sales, EFM

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1604

Patrick McElligott
Vice President, EFM

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1105

John McElligott
VP of Operations, EFM

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1087


Shannon Broussard
President, Transportation

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1153

Dustin Richard
Dispatch Manager

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1403

Jerry Hall
VP of Operations, Transportation

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1101

Jordan Broussard
Transportation Fleet Manager

(337) 839-5000 ext: 1413

David Bordelon
HSE Manager

(337) 835-5000 ext: 1602

Pat Frederick
Transportation VP

(337) 839-5000 ext:






Since 2005, Macro has responded to 146 disaster events in 36 states and the country of Haiti.

  • The Emergency Fuel Management division of Macro has the capabilities and resources to respond to man-made or natural disasters anywhere in the United States or abroad – providing the fuel vital for relief efforts
  • The range of disasters we respond to include hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, wildfires, earthquakes, floods, oil spills, and power outages.

September 2007


Macro’s first significant emergency deployment following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Deployed 20 trucks to the Beaumont, TX area after a rapidly forming category 1 hurricane struck. Macro worked over a two week period supporting local utility companies in their response efforts.

September 2008

HURRICANES GUSTAV & IKE – Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas
  • Deployed and managed 178 fuel trucks and 200+ support personnel
  • 4.5 Million gallons of fuel dispensed
  • Secured fuel tanks for possible airlift mission

August 2005

HURRICANES KATRINA & RITA Louisiana, Mississippi & Texas
  • Deployed and managed 45 fuel trucks and 50+ support personnel
  • 2.5 Million gallons of fuel dispensed

December 2007

  • Over 600,000 homes and businesses lost power in Oklahoma, the largest power outage in Oklahoma history.
  • Deployed over 20 bobtail trucks and 10 tankers to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Became one of the largest emergency response events Macro had responded to at the time.

January 2009

  • Severe ice storm affected northern Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.
  • A total of 2 million people were out of power, some for several weeks.
  • Macro responded with over 30 bobtail trucks, mini-mobile fueling stations and tankers.


January 2010

  • A magnitude 7.0 earthquake causes major damage in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and other cities in Haiti
  • Macro responds with bulk fuel, drummed fuel, fuel trucks and personnel in support of the US Department of Defense (DOD)
  • For over 60 days, Macro delivers fuel to critical generators and equipment used in response and restoration efforts. This event required Macro to be self-sustained in its approached due to limited lodging, communications and food.

APRIL 2011


One of the largest and deadliest tornado outbreaks in US History. 360 tornadoes were recorded over a span of 3 days knocking out power to hundreds of thousands. Macro deployed over 30 fuel trucks, primarily supporting Wal-Mart and major telecom companies.

August 2012

HURRICANE ISAACLouisiana and Mississippi
  • Deployed and managed 150 fuel trucks and 175+ support personnel
  • 1.8 million gallons of fuel dispensed
  • Secured fuel tanks for possible airlift mission
  • Secured boats for fuel delivery mission by water
  • Provided 110 power-only trucks to haul tractor trailers with relief supplies
  • Provided 15 refrigerated trailers

February 2013

WINTER STORM NEMO – Connecticut and Massachusetts
  • Blizzard left over 1 million people without power in Connecticut and Massachusetts.
  • Macro deployed 15 trucks supporting our commercial and federal customers in the Northeast.

April-June 2010


The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, also known as the BP oil spill began after an explosion on April 20th, 2010 caused the rig to sink. The resulting release of oil became the largest spill in the history of the petroleum industry. Over a period of several months, Macro was contracted to use our extensive transportation to fleet to haul oil spill response equipment and supplies along the Gulf Coast. Flat bed trailers and dry box vans were used to haul the supplies.

Macro also utilized it’s dedicated fleet of jet fuel tankers to haul Jet-A to Mississippi and support the C130’s that were dropping the dispersant agents into the Gulf of Mexico.

June 2011

  • Large wildfire that burned 538,000 acres of land in total.
  • Macro deployed 15 fuel trucks stationed at 10 different fueling sites over a 2 month period supporting the US Forest Service.

November 2012

HURRICANE SANDY – New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • Deployed and managed 240 fuel trucks and 50+ support personnel
  • 2.5 million gallons of fuel dispensed
  • Secured fuel from 5 neighboring states due to shortage (Ohio, Virginia, Maine, Connecticut and Pennsylvania)


June 2016


Aviana bird flu outbreak caused 43 the deaths of 43 million chickens. There was a long decontamination period in which Macro was tasked to provide trucks to haul the roll on/roll off boxes from chicken farms. 30 trucks were deployed to Iowa to support environmental response companies in their clean-up efforts.

September 2016

  • A spill in the pipeline occurred in Alabama with 252,000 of gasoline.
  • The shutdown of the pipeline caused a 12 day interruption in the flow of fuel from the Gulf Coast to the Northeast resulting in large fuel shortages.
  • Macro utilized vacuum trucks for the clean up operations in Alabama.
  • Macro was also tasked by Shell/Motiva to use our tankers to bring fuel to their stations across the southeast.
  • Throughout the entire event, Macro deployed a total of 50 trucks.

August-September 2017

HURRICANES HARVEY, IRMA & MARIA –Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
  • At the peak, deployed and managed 427 fuel trucks/tanks and 375+ support personnel
  • 21 Million gallons of fuel dispensed just for Hurricane Maria (Puerto Rico and USVI)
  • Over 150,000 fueling transaction performed for Hurricane Maria
  • Secured and coordinated a fuel barge with 8 million gallons of diesel fuel. Transferred fuel from barge to truck.
  • Chartered an Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) to transport fuel trucks, tanks, potable water and fuel to Puerto Rico.
  • Performed many high water and all terrain missions to critical generators for cell towers, water systems and pump stations
  • Simultaneously had crews working in TX, FL, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
  • Activated in Puerto Rico for 16 months

JULY 2019


An unusual July hurricane made landfall on Marsh Island, LA on July 13th, 2019. The storm strengthened into a cat 1 hurricane just before landfall, becoming the first hurricane landfall in Louisiana since Isaac in 2012. The storm knocked out power to well over 100,000 customers and caused a total of $600 million in damages. Macro deployed over 30 fuel trucks during the week long restoration process.

August 2016


In August 2016, prolonged rainfall resulted in catastrophic flooding in the state of Louisiana; thousands of houses and businesses were submerged. A large area of south Louisiana experienced 20”-30” of rain with 146,000 homes and structures damaged by flooding. Macro responded by deploying over 40 trucks to support local governments, utility companies and telecom providers.

October 2016

HURRICANE MATTHEW – Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina
  • Deployed and managed 165 fuel trucks and 50+ support personnel
  • 125,000 gallons of fuel dispensed
  • Performed many high water and all terrain missions to critical generators for cell towers, water systems and pump stations

September 2018

HURRICANE FLORENCE – North Carolina, South Carolina
  • Deployed and managed 308 fuel trucks and 150+ support personnel
  • 750,000 gallons of fuel dispensed
  • Performed many high water and all terrain missions to critical generators for cell towers, water systems and pump stations

October 2018

  • Deployed and managed 256 fuel trucks and 110+ support personnel
  • 2.1 million gallons of fuel dispensed
  • Performed many high water and all terrain missions to critical generators for cell towers, water systems and pump stations
  • Refueled search and rescue helicopters

September 2019

HURRICANE DORIAN – Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina

Category 5 hurricane Dorian, one of the most intense Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded and the strongest ever to hit the Bahamas. Dorian threatened the entire Southeast coast of the United States over the course of the first few days in September while eventually landfalling over Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Macro deployed over 200 fueling assets to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina and became one of our largest storm responses in our history. Thankfully the storm delivered more of a glancing blow to the coast and the United States was largely spared widespread destruction.


August 2020


Hurricane Laura was a strong Category 4 hurricane at landfall, becoming the strongest storm to ever strike SW Louisiana and one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in US history. Laura devastated the coastal regions of Cameron Parish with a 17-foot storm surge and causing winds over 130mph throughout Lake Charles Louisiana. Severe damage occurred throughout Lake Charles with widespread catastrophic-level damage to residential and commercial building roofs and structures, as well as half of all matured trees either blown down, badly stripped of branches, or ‘broken over’. Due to the fast movement of the hurricane, hurricane wind-damage was experienced all the way into Arkansas. Power outages reached over 1 million customers with many areas remaining without power for several weeks.

Macro’s response to Hurricane Laura was our largest deployment by equipment and personnel numbers at the time, as well as setting our highest volume of daily fuel transactions with over 8,000 a day. A total of 245 trucks were deployed at the peak with over 600 personnel in the field. Project length was 3 months.



Hurricane Zeta made landfall near Cocodrie, LA on October 28th as a Category 3 storm with sustained winds of 115mph. Zeta was moving rapidly at landfall and brought winds up to 95mph through metro New Orleans with 80% of the city losing power. Zeta was responsible for the 6th largest power outage in Louisiana history and was the strongest hurricane to strike the US this late in the calendar year since the Halloween Hurricane of 1899.

Macro had a peak of 145 trucks deployed for this event with over 300 personnel.

August 2021


Landfalling on the anniversary date of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida came ashore near Port Fourchon, LA as a strong category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 150mph. Ida was the 2nd most intense storm to ever strike Louisiana (tied with Laura). Sustained hurricane force winds battered Southeast Louisiana and the entire New Orleans metro area lost power for several days to weeks in places. Grand Isle was uninhabitable for months with many communities along the coast forever changed by the storm. Damages exceeded $75 billion throughout Louisiana and surrounding areas.

Ida rapidly became the largest single deployment in Macro’s history when measured by number of assets and personnel deployed. The storm was also the largest daily volume of fueling we’ve ever performed for an event with over 16,000 transactions/day (previous record 8,000 – Hurricane Laura 2020.)  Ida was also the first event where Macro completely deployed our brand new fleet of 30 potable water tankers. At the peak of our response efforts, 478 trucks were deployed with nearly 1,000 personnel working in the field. Total length of this even was 3.5 months.

May 2023

Marwar was the strongest Typhoon to directly impact Guam in over 20 years. The northern and most populated side of the island experienced the worst conditions with considerable structural damage and power outages. In fact, the  majority of the island was without power for well over a month. In a company first, Macro bobtail trucks and tankers were loaded onto an air vessel and shipped to the island of Guam. This was the company’s first time working for a US Territory in the South Pacific with over 10 personnel on the ground for nearly three months. 

October 2020


Hurricane Delta made landfall on October 9th, 2020, as a 100mph category 2 hurricane. Landfall occurred only 13 miles east of where Laura made landfall 43 days earlier. Delta’s wind-field greatly expanded at landfall with hurricane force winds being reported from SE Texas to Franklin, LA. Since Delta impacted the more populated Lafayette, LA areas, peak power outages exceeded those of hurricane Laura in Louisiana and Delta was the 4th largest power outage in Louisiana’s history.

Macro was still heavily involved with the ongoing restoration efforts from Laura, and unfortunately Delta only prolonged the massive recovery efforts for Southwest Louisiana. Nearly 200 trucks were actively working in the field after Delta struck with over 500 personnel deployed.

February 2021


For roughly 10 days in February, Texas and surrounding states were battered by a historical winter event that broke many low temperate and winter precipitation records. In areas of central Texas like the cities of Austin and Waco, the six to nine days of consecutive freezing temperatures were the longest periods of below freezing weather these cities have ever experienced. The extremely cold temperatures and precipitation caused the power grid to fail in many parts of the state, leading to roughly 10 million residents without power. The freeze busted pipes and water-lines across the state leading to boil water advisories in many counties. Damages are estimated to be near $195 billion making it one of the costliest natural disasters in Texas’ history.

Macro quickly ramped up for this unexpected turn of events, and over 100 fuel and water assets were deployed in the state. This was the first event Macro sourced potable water tankers on a large scale, and is recognized as the start of the Macro Potable Water Division.

September 2022


Hurricane Ian was a large and powerful category 5 hurricane, weakening just slightly to a strong category 4 with sustained winds of 150mph on Cayo Costa, Florida. Ian was the third-costliest weather disaster on record and the deadliest hurricane to make landfall in the state of Florida since the Labor Day hurricane of 1935. A 10-15 ft storm surge swept over the barrier islands of Ft. Myers, Sanibel and Captiva islands, knocking out the bridge access to these locations in the process. Catastrophic damage occurred with well over 50,000 buildings heavily damaged or destroyed. A total of 2.7 million Florida residents lost power from Ian and total damages are estimated to be near $113 billion.

Macro’s response to Ian was the 2nd largest deployment in our history, by the number of assets deployed. A total of 425 trucks were in the field as well as 35 potable water tankers with nearly 600 personnel in the field. Total length of this event was 6 months.

August 2023

Hurricane Idalia was a powerful category 4 hurricane that formed in the Caribbean Sea in late August. Weakening some to a category 3 storm at landfall, Idalia struck the Big Bend area of Florida near Horseshoe Beach on August 30th. Storm surge over 10 ft, heavy rain and winds up to 125 mph in the region with power outages lasting well over a week. 

Through the course of the event, Macro deployed 458 personnel and 324 fueling assets in the states of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Duration of this event was 3 weeks.