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All of the services provided by Macro Emergency Fuel Management are backed up by some of the industry’s most skilled and experienced professionals. Here, we are dedicated to providing superior customer service and the highest quality products and services for those we serve.

Armed with a fleet of specialized trucks and equipment, Macro Emergency Fuel Management is a proven track record of getting the job done, regardless of the location or environmental challenges that stand in our way.

emergency fuel services
emergency fuel

Generator Fueling

Whether it’s servicing one generator, or 1,000 generators as Macro was tasked to do in Puerto Rico, we guarantee to our customers will never run out of fuel.

Temporary Fuel Depots / Vehicle Refueling

Macro sets up 24/7 fueling points at strategic customer locations to provide fuel for first responders, government vehicles, utility trucks and commercial vehicles.

emergency fuel delivery
emergency fuel transportation

All-Terrain /
High-Water Vehicles

Macro’s unique fleet of military grade all terrain and high-water fueling assets allows us to reach areas others can’t.

Emergency Response

Macro has the capability and experience necessary to respond to overseas disasters

emergency fuel services
emergency fuel services

Aviation Fueling

Macro utilizes a dedicated fleet of Jet-A capable bobtails and tankers to provide on-site aviation fueling following a disaster.

wet-hose fueling

Macro specializes in fueling unattended vehicles and nighttime staging areas, especially for our utility customers.

emergency fuel delivery
emergency fuel

USCG Approved

Macro has been approved by the United States Coast Guard to pump fuel over water.

Industry Leading Electronic Data Capture

Macro utilizes our specialized mobile fueling app to provide real time reporting and usage analysis directly from the field.

emergency fuel services