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Bobtail Trucks

Bobtail Trucks


Macro Emergency Fuel Management owns and operates the industry’s largest fleet of specialized fuel transportation and dispensing equipment 100% dedicated to emergency response. All of our trucks are manned by experienced personnel and equipped with GPS tracking and navigation – and we provide various refinery pick-up points for fuel throughout the U.S. In addition, we offer detailed recording and reporting of critical data including date, quantity, fuel type, vehicle description, and equipment number for all fuel received and dispensed. Post event reporting is available in a spreadsheet format.


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Macro has the largest company-owned fleet of bobtail trucks dedicated to disaster response work. Our bobtail fleet ranges in capacity from 1,100 to 4,500 gallons. Our bobtail trucks are very versatile and can dispense fuel into any size tank or container. We have retrofitted our bobtail trucks to refuel vehicles directly from the bobtail truck (often referred to as wet-hosing). Macro\’s bobtails have metering devices that display the gallons dispensed, which is useful for record keeping purposes. We also provide trained and experienced drivers for this equipment.

  • Fleet of 140 bobtails 100% dedicated to disaster response work

  • Ability to refuel anything – vehicles, generators, off-road equipment, portable fuel tanks, and more

  • Multi-compartment and single compartment bobtails available

  • Ability to dispense both gasoline/diesel simultaneously with dual pumping system

  • Bobtails with sleeper cabs

  • Gasoline and diesel can be transported in our multi-compartment bobtails

  • Reversible pumps for defueling

  • Equipped with spill kits

In addition to our versatile bobtail truck fleet, we offer highly specialized equipment such as our Mini-Mobile Fueling Station and Mobile Fueling Trailer. These comprehensive, portable fueling solutions consist of self-powered systems that provide high volume fuel dispensing safely and efficiently.


The transport truck is designed to pick up fuel from the refinery/terminal and deliver the fuel to storage tanks or to resupply bobtail trucks. The average capacity of the transport truck is 8,500 gallons. Macro provides a CDL/HazMat certiified driver to operate this truck.

The power of mobile fueling
Among the most vital equipment we offer are the Mobile Fueling Trailer and the Mini-Mobile Fueling Station. These complete, portable fueling solutions consist of a self-contained power source that combines high volume dispensing capabilities with maximum portability. In addition, these units are placed in a spill containment berm for increased safety and environmental protection. Other safety features include a grounding cable for vehicle refueling, spill response kits and safety cones.


  • Total fuel storage capacity – 8,500 gallons

  • Set up and ready to dispense in minutes

  • Eight high volume vehicle refueling points (18 gallons per minute)

  • Fueling points have meter registers

  • Grounding cable for vehicle refueling

  • Self-contained power source and separate pumping system for gas and diesel

  • No special transportation permits required

  • Equipped with portable spill containment berm, spill response kit, and fire extinguisher


  • Total fuel storage capacity – 1,500 gallons

  • Dual-walled tanks

  • Multiple high volume fueling points with hoses on reels

  • Fueling points have meter registers

  • Self-contained power source and separate pumping system for gas and diesel

  • Corner jacks for stability

  • Equipped with portable spill containment berm, spill response kit, and fire extinguisher


  • High Water Fuel Truck
  • Command Trailers
  • Portable fuel storage tanks (500 to 20,000 gallon)
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Fuel dispensing equipment

See Macro\’s High Water Fuel Truck on Interstate 12 in route to a fuel delivery while responding to the 2016 Louisiana Flooding:


When weather or other natural disasters strike and fuel for first responders is critical to the recovery, we are ready with the right kind of military assets to deploy and fuel your mission. Our fleet of military-grade resources fit into the matrix of your response and recovery teams fueling efforts no matter where the location or how difficult the terrain.

Macro’s fleet of equipment can be used to deliver fuel for challenging missions such as high water, rough terrain, airlift operations and when locations are only accessible by watercraft


Macro owns and operates a large fleet of dedicated aviation transport and bobtail fuel trucks that we use to deliver fuel to our customer\’s bulk tanks. With trucks strategically stationed throughout the Gulf region, we can haul full transport loads as well as less than transport loads (LTL) as needed. Our bobtail trucks are also capable of refueling small portable tanks and tote tanks in the field.

We can transport customer-owned fuel as needed – and also have the capabilities to respond to emergency fueling situations (including the delivery of aviation fuel, gasoline, and diesel) throughout the continental United States through our Emergency Fuel Management division.

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